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BSides Singapore Conference

Security BSides is a global network of independent information security conferences and events that are connected through their common goal of promoting a more accessible, community-driven, content-driven and inclusive approach to information security and privacy education. Since the first Security BSides event held in Las Vegas in 2009, Security BSides has grown to provide a global support network and tools that have allowed organizers around the world to hold hundreds of information security conferences in hundreds of cities. BSides Singapore conference is organized by a non-profit organization (BSidesSG Pte. Ltd.) created for this same purpose and with the support and involvement of securitybsides.org.
Singapore is much more than the sum of its world-famous numerous attractions. Capitalising on its melting pot of cultures, this small island is constantly evolving, reinventing, and reimagining with the people who are passionate about creating new possibilities. At BSides Singapore, together we create opportunities for individuals to both present and participate in an intimate atmosphere that encourages collaboration. BSides Singapore is a community-driven conference focussed on deep, technical understanding of topics related to information security. It is where conversations for the next-big-thing are happening.