BSides Singapore 2020


  • Keynote - Security BSides, Cybersecurity, and the Future by Jack Daniel
  • Welcome the Shadowbunny Leveraging virtual machines during lateral movement to evade detections and persist by Johann Rehberge
  • Automating Threat Hunting on the Dark Web and other nitty-gritty things by Apurv Singh Gautam
  • Hacking Serverless Architectures by Keith Rozario
  • Making your SIEM great again - Augmenting your detection via simple machine learning by Elaine Hung
  • DarkCrewBot – The Return of the Bot Shop Crew by Adi Ikan & Ori Hamama
  • Chinese Cyber Crime: A Graph Approach by Aaron Shraberg
  • Eradicating Vulnerability Classes by Embracing Secure Defaults and Invariants by Luke O’Malley
  • Anatomy of Automated Account Takeovers by Tal Eliyahu and Begum Calguner
  • Auto-remediation in cloud: win the race against cyber criminals by Sapna Singh
  • ndroid Malware Adventures by Mert Can Coskuner & Kursat Oguzhan Akinci
  • Seccomp for developers - making your applications more secure by Alexander Reelsen

Capture The Flag (CTF)

  • BSides Singapore 2020 CTF PwnTheLabs was co-organized by Pentester Academy.