BSides Singapore 2021


  • Keynote - Who deserves Cybersecurity by Eva Galperin
  • Hunt the Beasts in the Bits A Proactive Approach by Meisam Eslahi
  • Hacking Modern Desktop apps with XSS and RCE by Abraham Aranguren
  • OAuth Bypass Technique by Sheikh Rizan
  • Finding the unknown before it finds you by Vandana Verma Sehgal
  • Intercepting Mobile App Network Traffic aka The Squirrel in the middle by Sven Schleier
  • Cybersecurity & The Board - Choosing success over the Sarlacc Pit by Brian Contos
  • Attacking and Defending Hybrid Active Directory Environments by Anurag Khanna, Thirumalai Natarajan
  • Ransomware and the eCrime Ecosystem by Aaron Aubrey Ng
  • The evolution of Android keystore by Gautamarvind Pandian, Vikas Gupta
  • h0neytr4p - How to catch the external threat actors with an easy to configure Honeypot by Subhash Popuri, Aakash Madaan
  • Practical offense and defence against 5G by Ali Abdollahi


  • Hands On Attacking and Defending the Kubernetes Ecosystem by Vasant Chinnipilli
  • Mobile Security Testing Guide Hands-On - iOS Edition by Sven Schleier
  • Implementing One-Way Shellcoding in Windows x64 Systems by Arnold Anthony, Sristi Lakshmi Sravana Kumar
  • Windows Forensics 101 for Beginners by Surya Teja Masanam