BSides Singapore 2022


  • Keynote - Case Studies in Embedded VR by Dr Silvio Cesare
  • Supply Chain Compromises - Understanding the Threat and Defending Your Organisation by Aaron Aubrey Ng
  • Once you POPTOP, you can’t stop. Putting the pieces together on a new and sophisticated APT malware by Billy James Velasco
  • Securing Kubernetes Deployment at Scale by Sohini Mukherjee
  • Malware Powered by Windows 11 No-Code by Michael Bargury
  • The call is coming from inside the building: Post-Exploitation with Kubernetes Webhooks by Abhay Bhargav
  • Uncovering 0-days in Healthcare Management Applications by Aden Yap Chuen Zhen, Sheikh Rizan and Muhammad Ali Akbar
  • HTTP Request Smuggling in the Multiverse of Parsing Flaws by Zhang Zeyu
  • Internal domain names: What are you hiding and what are you leaking? by Chen Zheng Wei and George Chen
  • Pwning Android Apps at Scale by Sparsh Kulshrestha and Shashank Shashank
  • 360-degree view of Lambda Security by Apoorva Jois and Kajal Nair
  • Hacking AppLocker cache by Grzegorz Tworek


  • Introduction to Kubernetes by Koh William and Sven Schleier
  • Lateral Movement Techniques in windows environment by Samaksh Kaushik and Hari Prasad
  • MINI Hardening / KENRO DOJO (cancelled) by KENRO DOJO