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APAD: An EDR Grade Agent for Wi-Fi Access Points

Time: 09:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Wi-Fi is ubiquitous and the de facto way to connect to the Internet. With increasing Wi-Fi speeds and the gradual disappearance of the network port on our laptops, it might soon be the only way. Being entrusted with such an important responsibility, one would assume that Wi-Fi access points would have sufficient built-in security and attack detection. Unfortunately, this is farther away from the truth as it could be! Wi-Fi access points in the personal and SMB space have barely evolved over the past decade! This puts users at great risk - we routinely hear about attackers redirecting DNS and other traffic, attacking users behind an access point, etc. One would ask - why are the Access Point vendors not doing anything about this? Simple answer: hardware vendors typically don’t care much about software. So, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands :)

In this talk, we will be releasing - Access Point Attack Detector (APAD): an enterprise-grade access point monitoring agent built from the grounds up. APAD will have a kernel and user mode components which will continuously monitor your access point platform for attacks and intrusion attempts! The tool should be easily portable to most Linux based access point platforms. For our demo - we will be using OpenWRT along with a hardware access point! Enough said - looking forward to seeing you at the talk!

Speaker 1
Vivek Ramachandran

Vivek Ramachandran has been researching Wi-Fi security for over a decade. He discovered the Caffe Latte attack, broke WEP Cloaking, conceptualized enterprise Wi-Fi Backdoors, created a number of projects including Chellam (a Wi-Fi Firewall), WiMonitor Enterprise (802.11ac monitoring), Chigula (Wi-Fi traffic analysis via SQL), and Deceptacon (IoT Honeypots). He is the author of multiple five star rated books on Wi-Fi security which have together sold over 20,000+ copies worldwide and have been translated into several languages.Vivek has over a decade of experience in security and has a keen interest in the areas of wireless, mobile, network and web application pentesting, shellcoding, reversing, and exploit research. Vivek’s work on wireless security (Caffe Latte attack) has been quoted in a number of publications including BBC online, InfoWorld, MacWorld, The Register, and IT World Canada. He has also delivered training and spoken at several industry conferences including BlackHat USA, Europe, and Abu Dhabi, Defcon, Brucon, HITB, and Hacktivity. Vivek is also the Founder and CEO of Pentester Academy, and Hacker Arsenal. Pentester Academy now trains thousands of customers from government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and smaller enterprises from over 90 countries.