Asuka Nakajima

Security Research Engineer - Elastic

Keynote Talk

My Journey: Driven by the Inspiration from Hackers in SF Novels

In the first part of my talk, I will share my journey as a security researcher and engineer, reflecting on the various activities I have been involved in over my decade-long career. Specifically, I will discuss why I chose cybersecurity as my field, what research I have done, and also detail the community and security awareness efforts I lead.

In the latter part of my talk, I will share the failures that I have encountered along the way, the lessons that I have learned from these failures, and the things that I keep in mind every day to make a positive impact on society and communities as a member of the security industry, all illustrated with concrete examples for a deeper understanding.

I hope that my journey and the lessons I have learned from my failures can provide useful guidance for your future work and career, and help you to start making a difference.

Speaker's Bio

Asuka Nakajima is a cyber security researcher and engineer based in Tokyo, Japan. With over a decade of experience in computer security, her expertise includes software security, reverse engineering, and cyber security research and development. She has presented at numerous security conferences and events, such as Black Hat USA/Europe/Asia Briefings, AsiaCCS, ROOTCON, AIS3, and PHDays, and serves on the Review Board for Black Hat USA and Asia.

In addition, Asuka is the founder and leader of CTF for GIRLS, the first infosec community for women in Japan, and also the author of the bestselling book "Cyber Attack" (Bluebacks, 2018). Currently, she works as a security research engineer at Elastic Security, focusing on endpoint security R&D.