The call is coming from inside the building: Post-Exploitation with Kubernetes Webhooks


Admission Controllers are an integral part of Kubernetes Security. Specifically, Access Control. These take the form of mutating and validating web-hooks. Kubernetes clusters use these webhooks to enforce/mutate security policy checks. Everything from security context to memory limits can be enforced through the use of these webhooks. However, attackers can leverage custom-built webhooks as a way of maintaining persistence in an exploited Kubernetes cluster. In this talk, I will detail the admission controller implementation in Kubernetes. I will build and deploy both mutating and validating, malicious webhooks to a cluster to demonstrate a bevy of post-exploit persistence approaches that one can leverage, entirely using Kubernetes webhooks.

These techniques have been used by my team and I during several Kubernetes red-team engagements. At the end of the session, I will open-source a set of easy to deploy malicious admission controllers for kubernetes that can be used as “plug-and-play” post-exploit webhooks. These can perform a variety of post-exploitation activities ranging from stealing secrets to adding malicious sidecars.

Speakers Information

Abhay Bhargav

Abhay Bhargav is the Founder of we45, a focused Application Security Company and the Chief Research Officer of AppSecEngineer, an elite, hands-on online training platform for AppSec, Cloud-Native Security, Kubernetes Security and DevSecOps. Abhay started his career as a breaker of apps, in pentesting and red-teaming, but today is more involved in scaling AppSec with Cloud-Native Security and DevSecOps. He has created some pioneering works in the area of DevSecOps and AppSec Automation, including the world’s first hands-on training program on DevSecOps, focused on Application Security Automation. In addition to this, Abhay has contributed to pioneering work in the Vulnerability Management space, being the architect of a leading Vulnerability Management and Correlation Product, Orchestron, from we45. Abhay is also committed to Open-Source and has developed the first-ever Threat Modeling solution at the crossroads of Agile and DevSecOps, called ThreatPlaybook. Abhay is a speaker and trainer at major industry events including DEF CON, BlackHat, OWASP AppSecUSA, EU and AppSecCali. His trainings have been sold-out events at conferences like AppSecUSA, EU, AppSecDay Melbourne, CodeBlue (Japan), BlackHat USA, SHACK and so on. He’s authored two international publications on Java Security and PCI Compliance as well.

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