Practical offense and defence against 5G


This talk is the most completed presentation on 5G practical attacks and mitigations scenarios. It will cover all possible attacks on core functions by abusing HTTP/2 protocol in 5GCN as well as NFV sections. Another interesting areas are network slicing and radio security in 5G that we will cover.

Speakers Information

Ali Abdollahi

Ali Abdollahi is a cyber security expert with over 9 years of experience working in a variety of fields and PhD candidate in computer science. Ali is a full-time consultant helping clients with product testing, reverse engineering, PT/VA, exploit developing, red-teaming, safe coding, and more, giving him ample opportunity to use his skills in a diversity of ways. In addition, He is an instructor, author and board of review at Hakin9 company. Ali is a self-confessed bug hunter, publisher of many vulnerabilities and CVEs. Ali is a regular speaker and trainer at industry conferences like: DEFCON (Aerospace, Red Team and AppSec villages), OWASP AppSec Days, c0c0n XII, Confidence Conference 2020, BSides Budapest, BSides Toronto, Texas Cyber Summit, TyphoonCon (SSD Secure Disclosure), YASCon, NoNameCon 20, COUNTERMEASURE|2020, DragonCon etc…

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