Ransomware and the eCrime Ecosystem


The eCrime Ecosystem is vast and interconnected, with many Cyber Criminal Enterprises existing to support Big Game Hunting (BGH) Ransomware Operations. Notable to the past year is the pivot role that Access Brokers play in the eCrime Ecosystem, importantly, supporting a variety of eCrime Adversaries, including the most prolific Ransomware Operators, with initial access into their target environments. Also, throughout 2020 and 2021, a number of dramatic shifts have been observed in the BGH space, including the exponential surge in the adoption of the Extortion and Data Leaks tactics and the rise of Ransomware-as-a-Service. This talk strives to take a deep dive into these recent threat trends associated with Ransomware and eCrime, and offer the audience with useful insights to better defend the organisation against the spectre of Cyber Crime.

Speakers Information

Aaron Aubrey Ng

Aaron Aubrey Ng serves as Strategic Threat Advisor at Crowdstrike. He is responsible for evangelising Threat Intelligence to Security Organisations in the Public and Private Sectors across Asia-Pacific. Prior to his current role, Aaron was an Intelligence Consultant at Recorded Future. He was responsible for the design and implementation of threat Intelligence strategies for Commercial and Government Accounts across Asia-Pacific. Aaron got his start in Security and Threat Intelligence in the Singapore Armed Forces as a Military Intelligence Officer. He concluded 12 years of Active Duty in 2019 and has served in multiple Command Appointments in classified Intelligence Units, and garnered Staff experience in the areas of Strategic Planning and Policy Development. In his penultimate tour of duty, Aaron was instrumental in establishing the Defence Cyber Organisation (DCO), which is akin to Singapore’s Cyber Command.

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