Supply Chain Compromises - Understanding the Threat and Defending Your Organisation


Adversaries continue to exploit supply chain weaknesses to gain initial access to wide swaths of downstream targets. These attacks exploit a tacit trusted relationship between the vendor and client to deploy malicious software or access customer data, and can transform a single compromise into a widespread event impacting thousands of victims.

Of late, it has been particularly prolific for supply chain compromises, with the SolarWinds and Kaseya incidents remain top of mind for many across the security community. While the execution of supply chain compromises requires a skilled adversary, the return on investment afforded by these attacks will continue to motivate supply chain compromises in the way ahead.

This session will cover the history of supply chain compromises and offer the audience with insights to increase their supply chain security and avoid becoming a victim of such pernicious attacks.

Speakers Information

Aaron Aubrey Ng

Aaron Aubrey Ng is a Strategic Threat Advisor at Crowdstrike. He is responsible for CrowdStrike’s Threat Intelligence business in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. Aaron helps organisations operationalise threat intelligence as part of their Cybersecurity strategy. Aaron got his start in Security and Threat Intelligence in the Singapore Armed Forces as a Military Intelligence Officer. He concluded 12 years of Active Duty in 2019 and has served in multiple command appointments in classified intelligence units, and garnered staff experience in the areas of strategic planning and policy development. In his penultimate tour of duty, Aaron was instrumental in establishing the Defence Cyber Organisation (DCO), which is akin to Singapore’s Cyber Command.

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