Workshop Time - 10:00 am - 06:30 pm (SGT)


“KENRO DOJO” is a cybersecurity competition. We will provide web servers and online game services to teams of competitors and our red team will attack the servers (scanning, exploiting, installing backdoors, and so on). Competitors should make the servers secure to protect against such kind of attacks (fix vulnerable codes, configuration, software…). As you know, SLA is very important for today’s online services! We will run sophisticated crawler behaves like real human customers to calculate service levels of competitor’s servers by browsing the web sites and sometime paying for the online game, then we will rank the teams.

Who should take this workshop:

Developer, Programmer, SRE, CIO/CISO.


  • Masahiro Tabata
  • Kazuki Igeta
  • Daiki Ichinose
  • Yoshihiro Kyan
  • Shun Suzaki
  • Isao Takaesu
  • Yoshinori Matsumoto
  • Takeya Yamazaki

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