Alexander Reelsen

Alexander Reelsen

Alexander Reelsen is a Developer & Advocate, Dad, works since 2013 distributed at Elastic, is interested in search, scale, JVM, crystallang, serverless and Basketball.

Seccomp for developers - making your applications more secure

Application developers tend to focus on features first with security being an afterthought to those features. Instead of rolling your own security, this talk will show how to integrate seccomp into your self written applications. We will take a look at the different possibilities of how to add a seccomp policy to your application. We will also take a look at different programming languages to show, that it is easy in many programming languages to add this kind of feature. Lastly, we will also show how to monitor and detect seccomp violations using Elasticsearch, Kibana and auditbeat.

The goal of this talk is make sure that any developer in the room does absolutely have zero excuses to not use seccomp to secure their application.

Schedule : September 25, 2020 - 02:20 PM