Sapna Singh

Sapna Singh

Sapna Singh is a cybersecurity professional with more than 10 years of experience in the cybersecurity domain. She comes with a background where she worked as SME for critical incidents investigations, forensics, vulnerability assessment, penetrations testing and cloud security assessments for various organizations. She has given talks at various global conferences i.e. RSA Conference, Dianainitiative, SANS Summit and Lehack. She is technical stream lead for “Women in Cyber Security Middle East” group and co-organizer for Kuwait affiliate of WiCSME group, working to empower and mentor women in cybersecurity domain. She is driving online and physical knowledge sharing sessions for students and professionals across Middle East countries. She is Deloitte Women in Cyber Leader and W-CS (ISSA India) core team member.

Auto-remediation in cloud: win the race against cyber criminals

We are suddenly into a new era where remote working is a new norm for millions of people. The corona virus pandemic has also resulted in adoption of cloud significantly so its no bombshell that vulnerabilities within cloud ecosystem will rise. Cyber professionals were already dealing with sheer volume of security alerts and now they have more to deal due to rapid spike in cloud adoption created by an increase in remote workforce. Its definitely not enough to rely on simple passive monitoring for non-complaint cloud resources which can aid to potential security breaches. Security teams are realizing that manual fixation of cloud security issues is too slow to handle dynamic threat landscape pertaining to cloud. Its time to act now or never to scale the security with increasing business demands and win the race against cyber criminals. We need to ensure autoremediation of security issues before malicious actors, even know there’s an issue.

Autoremediation is a mechanism of self healing that can be used as a proactive measure to monitor, detect and respond to security and compliance issues without any delay. In this talk you will learn how autoremediation in cloud can be used to fix security mis-configuration, poor security practices and human errors in real time using AWS core services such as Config, Cloudtrail, Cloudwatch and Lamda function.

Schedule : September 25, 2020 - 11:35 AM