Tal Eliyahu and Begum Calguner

Tal Eliyahu and Begum Calguner

Tal is an operational security specialist with a proven track record in application and infrastructure vulnerability assessment and policy development holding OSCP, ISO 27001, 22301 and 22035 Certified Lead Auditor, and 27005 Lead Risk Manager certifications. With an academic background in software engineering and career path in various cybersecurity divisions, he has garnered expertise in diverse areas such as network and infrastructure penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, threat modeling at application, system and enterprise level, and providing risk/threat driven solutions. Begum resembles herself to Nathan Myhrvold who describes himself ‘I just have difficulty describing myself because the sort of things I do are unlikely enough that putting them together is credibility reducing’. She has experience as IT/IS analyst (ISO 27001 standards), in IT project management at enterprise and start up level, IT compliance, UX design and optimization, integration testing, financial analysis and business management addition to her academic background in mechanical engineering and finance.

Anatomy of Automated Account Takeovers

Living in an era of data privacy dystopia, having an online presence comes with the direct opportunity cost of “being pwned”. Considering ‘Account takeover placed among the top three types of fraud reported from a whole 96% fraud attack….’, it is crucial to impartially dissect the ‘Anatomy of Automated Account Takeovers’.

We will present the end-to-end process of automated account takeovers; the fostering climate, attack methodologies and technical innovation in the sophistication of the attacks involving bad bots, as well as the strategies of capitalizing on the ATOs, hence establishing cybercrime as an ROI-driven business industry with various stakeholders. Looking at the latest popular cases, we will conclude with UX-centric security measures, breaking the common misperceptions of existing practices.

Schedule : September 25, 2020 - 10:45 AM