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Sanoop Thomas

Sanoop Thomas (@s4n7h0) is a seasoned security professional with diverse background in consulting, teaching, research and product-based industries with a passion to solve complex security problems. Today, Sanoop works as information security specialist focusing on application security and secure coding. His field of interest includes reverse engineering, malware analysis, application security and automating security pentest/analysis methodologies. He is moderating null open community chapter in Singapore and organised over 60 events and workshops to spread security awareness across country. Sanoop is the author and maintainer of Halcyon IDE project (halcyon-ide.org) and also create infosec contents and podcasts at InfoSec Campus (infoseccampus.com). He has spoken at multiple international security conferences that includes Nullcon, OWASP India, HITBGSEC, Rootcon, Defcon (Demo Labs) and Blackhat Arsenal (USA and Asia)

Mohammad Shah

Shah is working as Security Consultant at SEC Consult Singapore where he works on vulnerability assessments and penetration testing on various applications and infrastructures. He has published multiple advisories and was speaker at the NanoSec conference.

In his spare time, he enjoys exploring new security trends to educate himself. He also has interest on Internet of Things (IOT), digital forensics and reverse engineering.

Samandeep Singh

Samandeep Singh is currently working as Principal Security Consultant at SEC Consult Singapore. His information security experience expands across technical researches, security training and consulting. He has also co-written Xtreme Vulnerable Web Application (XVWA) to help security enthusiasts to learn application security attacks and defense by practice. He regularly spends time in vulnerability research and follow responsible disclosure to help developers and vendors to fix security bugs. Samandeep has published multiple security advisories from his research. His area of interest includes Application Security, Windows/Linux exploit development, Infrastructure security, Software Defined Radio and more.

Zhi Hao Goh

Zhi Hao works as Senior Security Consultant at SEC Consult Singapore. He provides security consultancy and conducts penetration testing for multiple organisations from large enterprises to small businesses.

He enjoys working closely with organisations to not only fix security findings, but as well help developers to understand the root cause so as to avoid re-occurrence. He has interest in red teaming and finding ways help organisation to increase their security posture. He was also a speaker at Bali Conference to create security awareness.

Amarjit Sonik

Amarjit Sonik, a network engineer with vast knowledge in various areas on networking architecture spanning from design to final implementation, apart from this he has functioned as a consultant and mentored individuals. Amar consistently keeps his interest up by learning on various aspects on emerging networking technologies. He has furthered his knowledge with a deep interest in information security to his arsenal in areas such as application security, penetration testing and coding.